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Tempe Large Format Printing

Large format printing, also known as grand format printing or wide format printing, is a popular method used by businesses for advertising and promotional purposes. If you want larger-than-normal marketing materials that are much more visible and eye-catching for a wider audience, large format printing is the best solution!

Tempe Large Format Printing Vinyl Banner e1615305900641 300x155Copyfast Printing is a professional printing company equipped with high-quality, special printers capable of producing prints way larger than ordinary commercial models. With the width dimension ranging from 18” to 100” inches, our wide-format printed products will guarantee your business maximum attention. We even print on materials more than 100” with our grand format printer.

Depending on your business and signage purposes, you can have your graphics in fully colored or black and white prints. Aside from the popular vinyl, there are several other materials that you can also use including cloth, wood, glass, metal, foam board, corrugated plastic, canvas, and paper.

If you want to ensure that you’ll have a high-quality, professional-looking banner and graphics for your next big event or marketing campaign, let Copyfast Printing provide you with the best Tempe large format printing.

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Wide Format Banners

Tempe Large Format Printing Outdoor BannersWide-format banners are typically used for community events and business promotions. Although many materials can be used for large format banners such as canvas and polyester fabric, vinyl is the most popular due to its durability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Vinyl is the go-to choice for wide-format banners intended for outdoor or long-term installations. They are easy to cut into various specific shapes, allowing you to get as creative as you want to present your business and products to your target market.

If you choose to work with Copyfast Printing for your Tempe large format printing project, we can provide you with wide-format banners that are complete with UV-cured ink that will enable them to withstand heat and sun without any damage. We will also ensure that your banner will be attached to a solid background for better support and durability.

Wide-format banners are good for any event and promotional purpose. They are commonly seen during multi-day events, trade shows, and for long-term use in business storefronts. They are also effective indoor signage for point-of-purchase displays in retail outlets and internal messaging in corporate offices, among many other uses.

Large Format Graphics

Tempe Large Format Printing Step and Repeat BackdropAt Copyfast Printing, our Tempe large format printing services go beyond producing popular banners. We also customize large format window displays, wall coverings, floor graphics, vinyl graphics, and many more!

No matter what size you want your graphics to be, we have the skills and equipment to realize your ideas. We will make sure that your design will be printed clearly and attractively on your chosen material, producing high-quality graphics that will attract your potential customers and keep your customers and guests entertained and informed.

Large format graphics are best used to turn a rather dull interior into an engaging business environment. Copyfast Printing can provide you with dynamic window displays that will highlight your special promo or new offering. We can also print large-format graphics to cover your entire wall with an attractive display of your brand history. Or, if you want, you can also have floor graphics that can further reinforce your brand.

From motivating your employees to amplifying your store’s aesthetical appeal, our team is skilled and equipped to help you reach your goals in the most time- and cost-efficient way possible.

Full-Service Sign Company

Tempe Large Format Printing HP 360 6522 Large Format Printer client 300x225As an established full-service sign company, our Tempe, AZ large format printing services come with complete customer support from start to finish. We won’t just print your needed signage but will also offer our assistance in the design and decision-making process.

Even better, we will help you in preparing your design file to make sure that the end product will have a high resolution. For the best-quality image that won’t be compromised once enlarged, we can help prepare your file with separations aligned with the standard CMYK breakdown of large format printers.

Copyfast Printing can handle the design conceptualization of your large-format graphics and ensure that they are securely and durably installed. Whether you intend to use your signage outdoors or indoors, we guarantee high-quality products that can withstand various conditions without fading or incurring damage.

Aside from in-demand wide-format banners, we also produce large format posters, wallpapers, window graphics, wayfinding graphics, and merchandise backdrops, and many other options. We can even accommodate your needs for large format blueprint and architectural design printing.

From long-term to temporary use, exterior to interior graphics, Copyfast Printing has a wide range of product selections. We can use any material you want and our specialized equipment, skills, and experience will produce a high-quality product for you.

Free Large Format Sign Consultation

Tempe Large Format Printing cf logo 300x104Large format signage is part of every successful business’s marketing campaign. Outdoor advertising and promotional materials are best produced through large format printing, ensuring maximum visibility and eye-catching, larger-than-normal graphics.

If you want to outshine your competitors and increase your daily customer traffic, our team can provide you with the best large format printing services for your all-around business signage needs.

Call Copyfast Printing today at (480) 478-1898 for your Free Consultation with a Tempe Large Format Printing expert!