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Scottsdale Book Binding

Do you want a cleaner and more efficient way to showcase your products, services, and other content without having to go through papers one by one? Get your brochure or marketing materials bound together with the help of the Scottsdale binding services of Copyfast Printing!

Scottsdale Book Binding School Planners 300x191Binding or book binding involves putting together a large number of pages and sticking it to a “spine,” which will bind them together. Binding is perfect if you want to present your marketing materials or other relevant content in a book form. There are several varieties to consider for bookbinding, from perfect binding to spiral binding, and at Copyfast Printing, you can get the assistance you need to determine which one is perfect for your needs.

Our binding services are very affordable and can be availed of with our printing services. We can immediately bind your brochures and other marketing tools and design them to blend with your materials. Let us know what you need, and we’ll design it accordingly!

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Vast Options of Binding Styles

Book binding can be applied to almost all the marketing tools you may want to offer to your customers or clients. From books to booklets or catalogs, we can bind them perfectly for you no matter how many pages they may have.

Here are some of the binding options we can do for you:


Those looking for inexpensive binding for their booklets, catalogs, program books, or calendars can opt for saddle-stitched binding.

This specific binding works perfectly for materials with 8 to 96 sheets of paper and uses two (or more) industry-size staples to secure the pages in the folded part of the sheets. Once it is bound together, the pages lay flat and will stay open as you check the pages. The location of the saddle-stitched binding can vary depending on how you designed your content.

Spiral Bound and Wire-O Bound

If you offer cookbooks, notebooks, and journals to your customers as a form of promotion or a key product, you may want to look into spiral binding.

Scottsdale Book Binding Perfect Bookbinder Padding client 300x225Spiral binding enables your book or booklet to stay flat when it is open and can be wrapped back around. To do this, a plastic coil is looped continuously through a single row of punched holes on the printed piece, similar to a spiral. The spiral bind can be placed on the left, right, or top side of the product in question, and the spiral can be in a variety of colors. The spiral bind is a great way to secure your calendars, annuals, manuals, books, journals, and so much more.

Meanwhile, wire-o binding is similar to spiral binding, but this uses a wire or metal coil passed through the row of punched holes in the printed material. The wire coils are thicker than spiral binding, making them especially long-lasting.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is similar to the bookbinding used for paperback books and phone books, which have a large number of pages.

To make this binding, the sheets are gathered together into the book’s appropriate thickness; then they are glued together on one edge before a wrap-around cover is glued on to complete the perfect binding. Once it is complete, the entire product will look like a nice and clean book that your customers and clients can page through easily.

Stapled Books

For reports and simple materials like newsletters or menus that your customers can browse through, you can opt for stapled books.

Stapled books work perfectly for a small number of sheets that can be bound together with an industry-grade stapler. The sheets can be stapled together at the top left corner of your sheets, and keep them secured. It is very affordable and easy to process.

Don’t see the binding service you want us to do for your project? No problem! Our binding services are very flexible, and we can use other materials to fulfill your request.

Full-Service Printing Company

Scottsdale Book Binding Sprial Bound NotebooksYou are guaranteed high-quality Scottsdale binding services when you reach out to us at Copyfast Printing. We have been assisting clients looking for bookbinding services for years, and many love us for our attention to detail and level of personalization that guarantees our service matches your needs perfectly. Aside from bookbinding, we also offer printing services from brochures, letterheads, and so much more.

We use only the best materials to guarantee that your bookbinding stays durable and adds a professional touch to your overall product.

We do all our services in-house, so you can have your materials printed and bound at the same time. Our team can guide you through the process to guarantee that you can see what the final product would look like even before it is handed to you.

Here is a shortlist of the printing services we offer at Copyfast Printing:

1. Black and white or colored printing
2. Digital printing
3. Graphic design
4. Envelopes and letterheads
5. Business cards
6. Mailing services
7. Product brochures
8. Forms
9. Flyers
10. Postcards
11. Banners
12. Calendars
13. Promotional items
14. Notepads
15. Posters

If you want us to customize a product for you, our staff is always ready to assist. Let us know what ideas you have, and we’ll make them a reality.

Free Consultation Today

CopyFast Printing logoGetting the best binding services is now easy by going to the best and trusted Scottsdale, AZ bookbinding company, Copyfast Printing. We are always committed to making our binding services more affordable and efficient so that you can immediately use or ship your book-bound product to your clients.

Call us today to find out more about our Scottsdale binding services, and our team will answer any inquiries you may have to get everything started.

Call Copyfast Printing at (480) 478-1898 for your Free Consultation with a Binding Services Expert!